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Providing a vast array of Anti Moisture Powder, Caloi de Powder, Talk Zink Steatic Expoxy Plasticiser, Impact Modifiers, Optical Brightner, P.C.R.P., Wax. Dolomite Powder, etc. at budget friendly prices.

About Us

At Renol Enterprise, we have amalgamated technological excellence with creative resource to offer our clients with unparalleled additive concentrates, and performance solutions for plastics. Our products such as Anti Moisture Powder, Master-batches, Carbon Powder, Titanium Di-Oxide, Color Pigments, Optical Brightener, P.C.R.P., Wax. Dolomite Powder etc. are known for their multiple applications in various industries such as textiles, automotive components, packaging and others.

As a young and dynamic organization, we manufacture and supply a large range of Anti Moisture Powder, color and additive masterbatches that are used in various products such as biodegradable food containers, microwave trays, bottles, tear resistant shrink wrap and many other products. Our business is established on the basis of shared market segments and technological features, meeting the specific demands of the market. Moreover, our technological advancement in the process of manufacturing master-batches creates opportunities to expand the product in the wider market segment. As we deal with the chemical and coloring agents, we understand the value of business sustainability, so our endeavor is to create awareness by not only making a "green" strategy but applying all possibilities to create a sustainable effort to operate in a wider social, cultural and economic environment.

Our core competency

  • Creating a coloring solution that is performance oriented and environment friendly.

  • Creating natural, renewable color with quality additives

  • Creating colors with multilayer structures, applying in various products

  • Creating additives having extended shelf-life and accurate formulation

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